Saturday, October 30, 2004

US Elections

Dear citizens of the United States of America,
please USE YOUR BRAIN on 2nd of November.

Thank you.

Friday, October 29, 2004

New promo: DJ Friendly - The Bump N Grind (Fat! Records)

Hmmm..! With this tune you're on the safe side when it comes to heat up the dancefloor a bit. It's not something I would listen to at home but it sure makes one's body move out there in the club!

Since I'm not a big fan of describing basslines, samples, breakdowns and all that other stuff I highly recommend to go to the shop, listen to it and buy it. Or not. I would - but I have it already...

The flipside "Jack (So Ride Me)" is from the same league. Not a tune I would have with a cup of tea, but a nice tool to use when DJ-ing. Try it yourself!

Thanks to Paul from Fat! for sending promos. That is a more than important support for a breaks DJ in Portugal - where you will hardly find any breaks records in the shops. Click here and give him a hig:

DJ Friendly: The Bump N Grind
B-Side: Jack (So Ride Me)
Fat! Records UK / CTFAT021
Release date: No idea...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Got my Pioneer mixer back

Well, that's not really an interesting post. I'll post it anyway to add a bit of glamour to this Blog, since Ms Ann Shenton was using it last Friday. Am I cool now? No? Hm...


I like Resin Records...

Ha! There you go... Don from Resin Records just promised me to send another cool promo. Ain't that nice?

So if you own a label and want your new releases to be discussed on this Blog, send me an e-mail to breakbeatblog(at)

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

New date for gig in Braga

Nuno just send me a TXT message to confirm the new date for my first gig in Braga (Portugal). I'll play in this beautiful town on Saturday 13th of November 2004. More info to follow.

I really look forward to that...

Oh! Even more promos!

I've just heard that a new package from Fat! Records (UK) has arrived. New promos! Can't wait to get home...

New promo: MT - Watertight (Resin Records)

I received a new promo from Resin Records (UK) lately and I think it's worth a post. This tune is for those who love breaks with tasty ragga toasts. One might be remembered to an African style called "Kodouro".

Here is what Resin Records says:

MT had his resin debut last year with a broken beat remix of TAISHAN’s ‘The Shake Off’. Hailing from São Paulo, MT is spearheading the breaks invasion of Brazil. He returns with a transcontinental collaboration with the one and only SCRUFFY D who blew up on the scene with ‘Bring De Bongo’ earlier this year.

WATERTIGHT is a Brazilian breaks, jump up party steppa that’ll turn some heads and shake some booty. SCRUFFY D rides a killer afro-latin riddim with his trademark melodic MC style and beatboxing, culminating in a seriously catchy vocal hook, whilst the beautifully playful voice of LADY FRAN smoothes the edges and lifts the vibe into unchartered territory. All of this is underpinned by a funky sub b-line that locks the groove into place and sounds absolutely massive on a big system. WATERTIGHT is a highly inventive mash-up of a tune that kicks in all the right places and will surely stand the test of time.


Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Sat. 6 November: Party at Lounge!

No need to cry about a lost gig! Para Pilotos feat. Alex & Alex will play at Lounge in Lisbon (Portugal) on 6th of November 2004. All night long...

The set will based on all kind of breakbeats but will also include other stuff we think the crowd should hear.

Lounge is at Rua da Moeda, 1, Lisbon. See you!

Party in Braga not on 6 November

My fellow Nuno just informed me that the breaks party in Braga (Portugal) will not take place as planned on 6th of November but on another date. I will keep you posted on that!

Hello woooooooooorld!

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Anyway: Everyone's welcome to read and comment the posted articles which will mainly be related to info and news around breakbeat music, parties and events, records and so on.

The "Real Life" platform of this Blog can be experienced on my TEJOBREAKS parties that take place every now and then in Lisbon/Portugal or other cities. You may join the mailing list at if you want to be informed about those events.

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