Friday, September 30, 2005

05 Oct. 2005: CD-R Night at Lounge (Lisbon)

Are you doing your own music stuff at home? I mean like spending years with Cubase, Ableton Live and all the other nice toys that help you producing your own tracks? Well, unless you're a top producer and already rotating on MTV you might find Lisbon's first CD-R Night very interesting:

Bring your homegrown tracks on CD, MD, Tape -whatever- to Lounge that day before 11 pm (or send it by mail if you're outside PT) and it will be played during the night. The moment it's being played some info about the producer (That would be you!) will be beamed on the wall, so don't forget to add some short bio, weblink, perhaps a picture or else.

Find more info here in Portuguese:
Or mail directly to the man who's running the show at manuelcalapez(at)

Get ready for your 5 minutes of fame on October 5, 2005 at Lounge (Lisbon)!

Friday, September 23, 2005

04 Oct. 2005: Krafty Kuts in Braga!

Tasty, tasty!

Braga hosts another special breaks night with one of the scene's most active and well known producers and djs: Mr. Krafty Kuts from the UK.

The BREAKS LDA. blog has the details.

Don't miss that show on 4th of October, 2005 in Braga's Quinta do Moinho Verde (Portugal).

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

15 Sept. 2005: Dinís at Lux with "Abreakadabra"

Lux (Lisbon, Portugal) is calling this Thursday, 15th of September: Join in and move to Dinís' "Abreakadabra" set.

Friday, September 02, 2005

09 Sept. 2005: TEJOBREAKS vol. 8 - Breaks are back!

Lisbon's TEJOBREAKS parties are back!

The summer was quiet, but DJs Danii (Chillfuck/Berlin), Para Pilotos (TEJOBREAKS/Lisbon) and Mário Valente (Panda Ball/Lisbon) will rattle your lazy, suntanned bodies awake again!

The date is Friday, 9th of Sepember. The place is Lounge, Rua da Moeda 1, Lisbon/Portugal.

All the details at

New Blog: BREAKS lda.


Click the link to see what's going on in Braga and around! Lots of parties ahead, for example BREAKS lda. #06 on 9th of September 2005, and then in October a big shot: The "4 Seasons Fest" with guests such as Krafty Kuts (Finger Lickin') and Andy Smith (Portishead).
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